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No Slump For Sex Online (April 2001)
Slashdot reports on lessons of the virtual sex boom.

Smut Glut Has Porn Sites Hurting (March 2001)
Wired examines mounting evidence that prurience driven dot-com profits may be getting harder to come by.,1367,42061,00.html

Porn Site Operators Fear Bush Administration (January 2001)
Several legal advisors comment on obscenity and the new administration.,4164,2676270,00.html

Experts: Bush Administration Will Be Unfriendly To Sex Industry (January 2001)
The Las Vegas Sun reports on the recent conventions in Las Vegas, including SexTracker at Internext.

Online Sex Sells At Internext (January 2001)
The Las Vegas Review Journal highlights SexTracker and YNOT at Internext.

YNOT Webmaster Newsletter, Classified Section Now Available (December 2000)
AVN reports on two new services offered by YNOT Network, Inc.

Internet Porn is Hot Stuff (December 2000)
A very positive editorial piece from the Orange County (CA) Register.

A Gay Web Traffic Counter Premiers (December 2000)
AVN breaks the story of the launching of

Outing The Traffic Info The Fore (December 2000)
SexTracker launches OutSter -- a new gay traffic counter for gay webmasters, as reported by Hosts4porn.

Porn Powers the Internet (November 2000)
An interview with Andrew Edmond on The Web Host Industry Review.

Industry Leaders Testify Before COPA Commission (November 2000)
AVN Online covers the adult online industry leaders that are involved.

Powerful Hosting Solution Ain't No Crock (November 2000)
An in-depth profile on SexTracker Hosting.

Child Care (November 2000)
Several adult online companies submit child porn links to the FBI.,4164,2650212,00.html

Tricks of the Trade (October 2000)
Highlighting Andrew Edmond and Flying Crocodile, Adweek Magazine runs a major feature story on the reasons behind the success of the adult online industry.

Porn Goes Public (October 2000)
Andrew Edmond comments on the idea of adult companies going public in The Industry Standard.,1151,19696,00.html

Andrew Edmond: Flying Crock or Visionary? (October 2000)
Interactive Week magazine profiles Andrew Edmond and Flying Crocodile.,4164,2644087,00.html

Congress Panel Balks at Net Smut Filtering Plan (October 2000)
Reuters reports on the latest COPA Commission hearings.

Technology Sent Wall Street Into Market For Pornography (October 2000)
The New York Times reports on the adult industry in this major feature story.

American Express: No Credit For Net Porn (October 2000)
Tech TV interviews Andrew Edmond from Flying Crocodile and Greg Geelan from YNOT Network on the issue of online credit card fraud.

A Plague Upon Our House: Child Porn Online (October 2000)
Many of the industry's top players comment on the problem of Child Pornography in this major feature story.

Fighting Child Porn A Hot Topic at ia2000 (September 2000)
Andrew Edmond to speak on a panel at the New Orleans conference.

Cyberporn's Internal Struggle (September 2000)
MSNBC reports from the floor at ia2000 in New Orleans.

Cyber XXX (September 2000)
Techweek focuses on the booming Adult Online Industry.

Looking For Some P2P Action? (September 2000) visits the FCI office.,2243,3811_462511,00.html

Demographics and Marketing on the Adult Net (September 2000)
Sextracker provides AVN Online with exclusive statistical, demographic and marketing information on the Adult Online Industry.

Profile From The Network (August 2000)
Q&A with Andrew Edmond in The Industry Standard.,1157,2448,00.html

The Politics of Sex (August 2000)
A legislative profile on the efforts of Flying Crocodile as reported by The Industry Standard.,1151,17740,00.html

Porn to Win. Seattle's Andy Edmond owns the technology that drives the cybersex industry. (August 2000)
Andrew Edmond and SexTracker featured as the cover story for Seattle Weekly

Cybersex And The Street - An adult dot-com view of going public (August 2000)
SexTracker CEO Andrew Edmond as interviewed by AVN Online

Cyberporn risks keep timid away (August 2000)
MSNBC reports on the leaders of the online adult industry.

Andrew Edmond speaks to IT Radio about being the CEO of (August 2000)
SexTracker CEO Andrew Edmond talks to IT Radio

Porn Site Veterans Vow to Clean House (August 2000)
ZDNet News reports on the 3rd COPA Commission hearings in San Jose, CA.,4586,2611865,00.html?chkpt=zdhp news

SexTracker CEO Testifies To COPA (July 2000)
AVN reports on Andrew Edmond speaking to the commission at the Virginia hearing, on behalf of the adult industry.

Why is Danni Ashe's softcore porn site so popular? Duh. (July 2000)
SexTracker CEO Andrew Edmond comments on the appeal of Danni's Hard Drive to eCompany Now.,1641,6864|6919,00.html

Protecting your (July 2000)
Source magazine examines children's access to adult content.

HTML Editors: Cracking the Code (June 2000)
SexTracker's Creative Director, David Eisenberg, discusses HTML with AVN

Oz Interviews SexTracker & BayTSP (June 2000)
Andy Edmond of SexTracker and YNOT Network along with Mark from BayTSP, provide insights on the Child Porn issue and possible ways to combat it.

Cybersex and the Street (June 2000)
An Adult Dot-Com View of Going Public.

Don't Let the DOOR Hit You On the Way Out (June 2000)
Exit traffic. Not the sexiest subject on the block.

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