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The Crocodile Chronicles (May 2000)
Soula Jones conducts a Q&A session with Andrew Edmond.

How SexTracker nailed top 10 (May 2000)
Advertising Age discusses how Flying Crocodile hits pay dirt by providing data to sites hawking explicit adult content.

Room at the Net (April 2000)
Andrew Edmond speaks to AVN Online about mergers and acquisitions, vertical integration, globalization and synergy affecting the business of cybersex.

The Quick and Dirty on Adult E-Commerce (April 2000)
Andrew Edmond discusses with E-Commerce Times what the mainstream Internet can learn from adult websites.

Hey, Babe, Wanna Call ... Chad? (April 2000)
Andrew Edmond speaks to Wired News regarding adult automatic dialers.,1367,35627,00.html

Credit Card Firms Squeeze Porn Sites (April 2000)
ZDNet details the effects stricter credit card processing rules has on online adult entertainment.,4586,2504289,00.html?chkpt=zdhp news01

By The Numbers (March 2000)
AVN Online investigates what effects the explosive growth of e-commerce has on e-porn.

A Lust For Profits (March 2000)
US News and World Reports examines the impact adult websites have on Wall Street.

The Netpond Chronicles Vol II No 26 (January 2000)
IA2000 wrap up

The Naked Truth (November 1999)
An analysis of how pornography has affected the growth of the internet.

Comparison Shopping for a Free Host (June, 1999)
Condom Chronicles article on SexSpaces

Sex On the Web, An Inside Look at the Net Porn Industry (April, 1999)
A CNET Special Report

How the Porn Sites Do It (March, 1999)
Adult online industry innovative and highly profitable.,1449,3779,00.html?related.1449

Stat Counters Easy to Cheat (August, 1998)
"Only SexTracker should be used as an accurate means of verifying hit counts".

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