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What does this page tell me?
SexTracker's summary page is intended to display a quick overview of your site's activity for the current day, month, and year. Use the date options on the Quick Snapshot graph to easily determine your site's current and historical activity.

What are the Impressions, Uniques, Reloads, etc...?
SexTracker counts four "types" of visitors to your site. By dividing your hits up into different types we are able to give you a very good idea of how people are using your site. The our types of hits all fall under "Impressions." Below is a description of the types of hits.

  Type     Description  
Impressions Also called hits, impressions are a raw measure of total traffic. Every single time somebody loads your web page we count it as an impression. We then decide which of the four types of visitors they are, and record them under that group as well. Put simply:
impressions = ( uniques + reloads + hourly returns + daily returns )
Unique Unique visitors are people who have either never before visited your site, or people who have not visited in at least 24 hours. If you have a large percentage of unique visitors you may conclude that once surfers see your site on any given day, they do not return for at least 24 hours. For free sites, you want unique visitors; they are much more likely to click on advertising banners and make you money.
Reload Surfers are categorized as reloads when they visit your page more than once in a 5 minute period. Unless you have a pay site, a high number of reloads can mean that you are losing money. For free sites, you make money by having your visitors click on banners to visit other sites. If they are continually reloading your page then they are sucking down your bandwidth, and they are not clicking on your banners.
Hourly Return We count visitors as hourly returns if they visit your site and then come back anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour later. Hourly returns can be good or bad, depending upon the services that you offer surfers. For instance, if you offer a "Pic of the Hour" service, then a high number of hourly returns mean that people are actually coming back on an hourly basis to see the new pics. It can also mean that surfers are seeing your advertising banners on the sites that they visit, and are clicking on them often.
Daily Return Daily returns are visitors who come back between 1 hour and 24 hours after visiting your site the first time. This type of traffic is very similar to hourly returns, but will tell you that surfers typically wait at least a few hours before they return.

What are current, forecast and average?
Beyond simply displaying your current site's traffic activity the SexTracker analyzes your site's current and historical data and displays the following three pieces of information:

  Type     Description  
Current Current stats. That is up to the minute real-time stats that your site has received for the day.
Forecast Forecasted stats. This means based on your current time and the amount of time left in a 24 hour period the number of hits your site should receive by the end of the day based on historical traffic data for your site.
Average Average stats. This is the number of hits your site usually gets on that day so you can see if your traffic, on average, is up or down based on past stats.

What is the RTS?
The RTS, or Real Time Stats Display, is a small window that pops up and displays a real time view of your traffic activity. You can choose to either view the current day or the current hour. Simply click on either of the RTS buttons to launch the display.

What are the Ranks?
The ranks display at the top of the interface shows your current ranking among other sites that use the SexTracker counter. It displays both your overall ranking (Universe) as well as your ranking within your chosen category (example: Asian). The rankings are based on the total number of unique visitors you have received during the last 24 hours. The arrows to the right of the number denote movement either up or down in your ranking. A filled dot denotes there has been no change.


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