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How do the visitor statistics work?
The visitor stats will display all of your referrers, and information about your visitors. You can use the "next 25" link at the bottom of the list to go through all of your referrers, or you can choose to display up to 100 results at a time. You can search through your referrers by typing a domain or page name in the box and clicking the search button. You can also view the different visitor information using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

To the right of your referrer list, you will see a pie chart showing your top 10 referrers, along with the key to your top referrers below it.

What is the information included in Visitor statistics?
Visitor statistics provide you with detailed information about your surfers' activity, demographics, and system information. Below is a breakdown of what visitor information is available.

What are referrers?
These are URLs that your visitors' browsers report as having links to your site. It is where your visitors come from, so to speak.

Do you count every hit to my page?
Yes. For referrers we count all visits to your page. If you'd like to see unique or first time visitors, just click these buttons below the data.

Are these referrer statistics 100% accurate?
No. Complete visitor tracking is only accomplished if all of your visitors have JavaScript turned on in their browser. Since all users do not have JavaScript enabled, not every single user will be reported accurately in referrer stats. However, the visitor information includes stats on your visitors' JavaScript, so you can get an idea of how accurate your visitor stats are.

Why is my own page listed?
Your site will be listed if people reload it often, or move back and forth between pages of your site. This is especially noticeable on free sites.

What is a "Bookmark"?
These are visitors who visit your page by typing in the URL directly or via the bookmark/favorites list in their browsers. This number can be slightly inflated if many people are using older browsers that do not support the reporting of this information, but newer browsers report accurately.

How come I can't find a link to my site on some of these referrer URLs?
If you can't find your link on a site, see if they are using a banner exchange you participate in. It could be that the surfer saw your banner on the other site via the banner exchange, and clicked on it to come to your site.

  Information     Description  
Referring Page What are the top URLs that send you traffic? This is very helpful information when you are trying to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and promotional campaigns. Armed with this data you can make educated decisions about future campaigns.
Browser Type What Web browser are your visitors using? If you have optimized your site for Netscape or for Internet Explorer then you will want to pay close attention to this information. Obviously the most well-rounded site will look great in both browsers, but sometimes it is necessary to optimize for one or the other to gain functionality. For instance, due to the amount of JavaScript code in the SexTracker statistics, people with IE 3 cannot see anything -- it is optimized for Netscape 3+, Communicator 4+, and IE 4+. Only people with those browsers can correctly see our statistics.
Operating System Some people may look at this type of information as trivial, but if you look hard enough you will see that there is a great deal to be learned from it. With Microsoft taking over the world of personal computing, the average computer beginner knows little to nothing about computers (or the Internet for that matter). Take a look at the types of operating systems that people are using, and keep that in mind when you design your site. The typical non-adult-site savvy Windows 98 computer user will be very easily confused by a messy site, which could end up costing you money.
Domains What type of domains are the top visitors to your site? This information is most useful when determining the type of free content you should provide, and the type of advertisements you should place on your pages.
Geographical What country and continent are most of your visitors from? By knowing what group of people visit your site most often you can choose banner advertisements or site design that can appeal to that group of people.
Screen Size What screen size are your visitors using? This won't tell you how large the browser window is, but it will tell you the maximum size that they can make their browser. If your site is optimized for 1024x768 monitors you need to pay close attention to the average size of your visitors' screens -- you may need some redesign.
Color Depth What color resolution do your visitors' monitors support? If they only support 16-bit color but all of your site is done in 24-bit color, you may want to redo some graphics. It is a proven fact that the browsers can not make dithering images look good, so this information lets you know whether your visitors are seeing the site as you intended them to.
JavaScript Are your users JavaScript capable? Due to the existence of pop-up consoles approximately 1-2% of everybody on the Internet has turned off their browser's ability to run JavaScript. This will give you a good idea of what percentage of the people that visit your site have turned off JavaScript.
Java Are your users Java capable? These stats will give you a very good idea as to whether or not you should use Java in your site. Of course, you can always post a message saying that you use Java and they should turn it on, but then you are losing visitors who do not want to turn on Java, or they may just not know how to.
Search Engines Ever wondered which search engines are sending more traffic to your site? Well, we can tell you! Covers everything from to Yahoo!
Keywords Even more important than which search engines people are coming from is which keywords they are using to search for your site. SexTracker is the first service ever to be able to give you this important information!
Major ISPs This may seem trivial, but in some instances it is very useful information. The purpose of this section is to let you know which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) your surfers use. This way you can see how many AOL users you have, so you will know whether or not you should modify your site to be AOL-friendly. This is also interesting to see who the big players are in the ISP business.
Quality Index The Quality Index tells you how many times each of your visitors has visited your site before! Every day we tell you how many people visit who have NEVER before visited your site. We also tell you how many people have previously visited from 2 - 5 times, 6 - 10 times, etc.
Frequency Index This tells you how often your visitors really come to your site. While the Uniques/Reloads/etc can give you a pretty good idea, this is more detailed information. For instance, see how many people visit your site many times daily, how many visit once every two days, once per week, etc.
Hostnames This will show you the complete list of host names of your surfers. That is, if somebody from AT&T WorldNet visits, they'll be from "" - Likewise, if somebody from AOL visits, they will be from "", etc.
Newsgroups Ever make newsgroup posts proclaiming the excellence of your site? See if they work! This will tell you how many referrers you have from newsgroups, and will even tell you which posts they came from!
Email Referrers Please note that the SexTracker does NOT condone spamming, but sometimes it is necessary to send out e-mails, perhaps to your webmaster friends, etc. Email Referrers will tell you how many people are visiting your site by clicking on a link from a message in their email.
Countries If you've ever wondered what nationality your surfers are, this will tell you! We can tell you how many of your surfers are in the US, how many are in Canada, Mexico, France, England, you name it! If you have many visitors from one country you can optimize your site for them, and make more money.
Timezones Our visitor statistics are so advanced that we can tell you which time zones your surfers are in. This is a little more detailed information than which country they are in, because in a country the size of the United States, Russia, Australia, China, etc, people vary widely from the east coast to the west coast. With time zones you can see exactly how many people in each region of the world visit your site.
Surfing Times From looking at your Daily statistics you can see that most adult sites have a wide range of traffic throughout the day. One common question that people ask about adult traffic is what time of day people surf the adult Internet. This means, in their time zone, what time is it when they are surfing? (This is different from what time it is in your time zone.) This information is very important, because you can tailor your site to the mood people are in during that particular time of day.
Plug-Ins Netscape Plug-ins! Do you want to put some awesome Shockwave or Flash banners on your site? Well, first find out how many of your surfers have the plug-in! This way you won't waste your time developing a new technology, only to find out that most people can't use it.

What is the RTS?
The RTS, or Real Time Stats Display, is a small window that pops up and displays a real time view of your traffic activity. You can choose to either view the current day or the current hour. Simply click on either of the RTS buttons to launch the display.

What are the Ranks?
The ranks display at the top of the interface shows your current ranking among other sites that use the SexTracker counter. It displays both your overall ranking (Universe) as well as your ranking within your chosen category (example: Asian). The rankings are based on the total number of unique visitors you have received during the last 24 hours. The arrows to the right of the number denote movement either up or down in your ranking. A filled dot denotes there has been no change.


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