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Flying Crocodile Announces New Leadership
January 29, 2001

New Services Unveiled At YNOT Network, Inc.
December 18, 2000

Outster™ Officially Kicks Down The Closet Door
December 6, 2000

SexTracker's MoneyTree Gives Away Free Traffic
December 1, 2000

Click Through to SexAdNetwork
October 2, 2000

Leading Adult Portal Redesigned
September 19, 2000

COPA Lends Another Ear to the Adult Industry
August 3, 2000 Owns... The Galaxy???
July 21, 2000

Adult Industry Leader Delivers COPA Testimony
July 20, 2000 Strictly Leaders
July 10, 2000

CCWwatch to Defend Adult Internet Rights
June 1, 2000

Adult Web Takes Steps Toward Self Regulation
May 8, 2000

Nielson//NetRatings Lists SexTracker as One of the Web's Top Five Advertisers
February 1, 2000 Acquires YNOT Networks
January 10, 2000

SexTracker's MoneyTree 2.0 is already Yielding Profitable Returns to Adult Webmasters
September 14, 1999

SexTracker Teams Up with Exodus Media, Inc. to Create the Adult Web's Newest Free Host
August 16, 1999

Flying Crocodile, Inc. Named One of the Top 25 ISPs in the World
July 18, 1999

SexTracker Releases New XXX Counter
April 1, 1999

SexTracker Executive™ Lets You Break Free of Your Browser
October 14, 1998

SexTracker, located in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in the online adult industry. The company's flagship product, SexTracker Statistics™, is an extremely accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tool that is provided free of charge to adult webmasters. Additionally, SexTracker provides a suite of complimentary products and services for both webmasters and web surfers including: SexTracker MoneyTree™, SexTracker Hosting™, SexSpaces™, XXX Counter™, SexTracker Design Center™, SexTracker Banner Exchange™, Chameleon Browser™, SexTracker Executive™, and many more.

SexTracker is located in downtown Seattle at 417 Virginia Avenue, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98101. Our phone number is 206-374-0374 and our fax is 206-374-0353.

All media inquiries should be sent to

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