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Adult Web Takes Steps Toward Self Regulation

Flying Crocodile, Inc. today unveiled a free quality-assurance program that allows providers of adult content on the Internet to identify their web sites as the work of responsible web publishers who conduct their activities ethically and within existing legal guidelines.

Called iQcheckú, short for Internet Quality Checkú, the new service provides an iQcheckú seal to be displayed on participating web sites. The seal links to an automated system that tracks reports Flying Crocodile receives from the web-browsing public of abuse issues such as copyright infringement, unsolicited bulk email (spam) and exploitation of minors.

Scott Byhre, President of Flying Crocodile says, "We receive numerous emails every day questioning the content on the web sites we host. Queries can range from concerns about the age of the models portrayed on the sites to questions about copyrights on specific images."

"Unethical webmasters reflect negatively on everyone in this industry. They also hamper the efforts of responsible publishers in the adult Internet community," says Andrew Edmond, CEO of Flying Crocodile. "It is in our own interest, and in the interests of the adult content community at large, to provide this service free of charge." Also free of charge, iQcheckú offers Free Content so that anyone can run legal adult websites. "This is a great aid for any adult webmaster to take advantage of. We will now provide them with thousands of legal photos to add to their site for free," Edmond added.

Recent high-profile indictments of citizens who were involved in surfing underage pornography on line have heightened adult web users' fears of unwittingly being caught viewing sites that present such material without labeling it as such. iQcheckú gives these viewers a means to identify sites that specifically warrant that the content within them is legal.

A visitor to an adult site who questions the content of a site, or who believes they have been spammed by a site that carries the iQcheckú seal, can simply click on the seal itself to go directly to Flying Crocodile's iQcheckú home page, where they may report the perceived abuse. The user will then be notified of any action taken as a result of their complaint. Users may also revisit the iQcheckú home page to track the status of their reports.

Flying Crocodile also commonly receives queries from attorneys questioning the source of published materials on hosted web sites when they feel they've encountered a copyrighted image or other intellectual property that may belong to a client. The iQcheckú home page provides an automated system for these sorts of complaints as well.

"The iQcheckú system is a clear statement that Flying Crocodile takes abuse issues seriously and is dedicated to resolving those issues reported," said iQcheckú product manager Robert Amodeo. "The system we have put in place is very clear and thorough in its processes. This is especially useful to the legal community which needs to be assured that it's concerns are not being neglected."

Web surfers may view Flying Crocodile's complete policy on abuse at the iQcheckú home page, The iQcheckú site also contains links to other abuse-reporting agencies.

Flying Crocodile Inc. is the managing company of SexTrackerú, located in Seattle, Washington. SexTrackerú is a leader in the online adult industry. The company's flagship product, SexTracker Statisticsú, is an extremely accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tool that is provided free of charge to adult webmasters. Additionally they provide custom web hosting and design services, as well as advertising, web traffic and statistics consulting for e-commerce and other commercial sites. The company maintains hundreds of servers capable of pushing over 2.378 Gb/s of bandwidth in downtown Seattle's Westin Building. Impeccable programming, innovative design and superb customer service are all synonymous with Flying Crocodile's products and services.


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