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CCWwatch to Defend Adult Internet Rights

Seattle WA, June 1, 2000 - Flying Crocodile, Inc.™ announced today the formation of Credit Card Watch (, a watchdog group of adult Internet industry leaders that have joined together in response to the termination of credit card processing on all adult Internet accounts by American Express. Also at issue is, VisaČ and Master Card's, levy of heavy fines for adult Internet companies over charge back percentages. Credit Card companies provide upwards of ninety-nine percent of all Internet transactions, including those pertaining to the adult Internet.

"Last week, American Express chose to institute a blanket policy that which in effect, has denied our industry segment, legitimate access to consumers that choose to use the American Express card. The reasons given for this action were vague and extremely unsettling", said Andrew Edmond, CEO of Flying Crocodile. "The future will be determined by the actions that we take over the next few months in response to the increasingly hostile moves by major credit card company vendors. Major credit card companies have largely ignored the adult Internet business' repeated call for higher security and better authentications mechanisms, choosing instead to limit customers purchasing choices."

Credit Card Watch exists to focus industry-wide attention on areas of concern within the adult Internet entertainment business. The central platform of this organization is to facilitate a better understanding between the adult Internet entertainment business and the major credit card companies. Credit Card Watch is sponsored by the YNOT Adult Webmaster Network, and the Adult Internet Trade Association.

Greg Geelan, President of YNOT Network, Inc.™, says, "It is imperative that the adult community band together to stop these discriminatory practices by working with the credit card companies to find a feasible solution as we have been asking for all along. Our suggestions for better authentication technology and billing mechanisms will not only benefit the consumer, but the future of the Internet as a whole."

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