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Seattle, WA, July 10, 2000 - Flying Crocodile Incorporated™ (FCI), parent company of SexTracker™, announces new Vice Presidents of Hosting and Business Development.

New Vice President of Hosting, Don Fowler, former President of Strictly Hosting™, brings his marketing and sales know-how as well as ideas that will further strengthen FCI's future. Fowler hopes "to build a solid bridge between free hosting and paid hosting through marketing and volume, along with a price structure that will come as a tremendous benefit to webmasters." FCI Executive Vice President of Marketing, Sue Rogers, states that "Don Fowler's years of experience and executive leadership represent a great addition to the FCI family. I look forward to working with him on the expansion of our quality hosting services and advanced technical network." Based in Tampa, Florida, Fowler will also oversee the development of four new regional offices and a second Network Operations Center on the East Coast. With the addition of the Tampa office, FCI now has offices in 5 major cities across the country.

Tom Foster joins as Vice President of Business Development, bringing more than ten years of integral Senior Corporate Management experience to Flying Crocodile, including strategic and operational planning, marketing, P&L management and technology systems. Prior to joining FCI, he was responsible for management of design and presentation, strategic planning, price structuring and maintenance systems for™ and was instrumental in building it to over 50% of their business. Foster plans to "further the strategic planning processes of FCI, maximizing revenue and profitability through the expansion of Research & Development." According to Founder and CEO, Andrew Edmond, "Tom's excitement for providing more value to customers is paralleled by the rest of the FCI staff."

Flying Crocodile, Inc., located in Seattle, Washington, is the managing company of SexTracker, a leader in the Online Adult Industry. The company's flagship product, SexTracker Statistics™, is an extremely accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tool that is provided free of charge to adult webmasters. Additionally, they provide custom web hosting and design services, as well as advertising, web traffic and statistics consulting for e-commerce and other commercial sites. The company maintains hundreds of servers, capable of pushing over 2.378 Gb/s of bandwidth in downtown Seattle's Westin Building. Impeccable programming, innovative design, and superb customer service are all synonymous with Flying Crocodile's products and services.


SexTracker is located in downtown Seattle at 417 Virginia Avenue, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98101. Our phone number is 206-374-0374 and our fax is 206-374-0353.

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