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COPA Lends Another Ear to the Adult Industry

San Jose, CA, August 3, 2000 - CEO of SexTracker™, Andrew Edmond, has been re-invited and will testify again before the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) Commission. At 27, Edmond was the first in the Adult Industry invited to deliver testimony on Labeling, Filtering, and Content Rating policy before the commission on July 20th in Virginia. Today's hearing will explore child protective technologies and methods, with Edmond speaking on the marketing of adult material to minors, an issue that he takes to heart. Through his commitment to resources like iQcheck™, a product SexTracker created to police their hub of over 120,000 Adult sites, reporting illegal content, spam, and copyright infringement, Edmond has taken a proactive stance toward the eradication of illegal content.

Chaired by Don Telage, this is COPA's 3rd hearing. Edmond will speak on this panel alongside FBI Agents, Randy Aden and Bruce Applin, Detectives Rowland and Shirey of the Huntington Beach and Seattle Police Departments, Dr. Victor Cline from the University of Utah, and industry icon, Danni Ashe of Danni's Hard Drive. At the previous COPA hearing, Edmond voiced the need for future panels to include the ideas and solutions of the Adult Online Industry, inviting Danni Ashe and Mark Ishikawa of Bay TSP, who will testify on Friday's "New Technology and the Future" panel. "I'm very excited about coming back to meet with the COPA Commission. They couldn't have chosen better members of the adult web community to present progressive ideas and dynamic solutions." Also in attendance at today's COPA hearings will be the YNOT Network President and advocacy leader, Gregory Geelan.

The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) was passed in October 1998, prohibiting online sites from providing sexually explicit material accessible to minors. The Act was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in ACLU vs. Reno, on First Amendment clauses and prevented from enforcement by a preliminary injunction by Justice Stevens of Philadelphia. Currently awaiting a decision from the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, the Act called for a commission to examine methods and technology to protect children from accessing Adult pornography and child pornography. The Commission's findings will be officially presented to Congress in November of 2000.

Based in Seattle, Washington, SexTracker provides free, accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tools as well as advertising, e-commerce, web hosting, consulting and webmaster resources for adult webmasters. SexTracker maintains one of the world's largest private networks with over 2.378 Gb/s of dedicated bandwidth in Seattle's Westin Building. SexTracker is consistently ranked in the top ten on Neilson//NetRatings's top ten list of Internet advertisers. Impeccable programming, cutting edge technology, innovative design and superb customer service are cornerstones of SexTracker products and services. SexTracker is online at

This COPA Commission hearing will be held at the University of San Jose, Student Union Building in the Loma Prieta Room on the 3rd Floor, at One Washington Square, San Jose, California. To contact the Student Union Building, call (408) 924-0300 or visit the COPA Commission website at


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