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Leading Adult Portal Redesigned

Seattle, WA, September 19, 2000 - SexTracker, the premiere portal for the Adult Internet, announces today the release of its new website design. This new update provides a streamlined, enhanced version of the portal adult webmasters and surfers have used for years.

SexTracker Marketing Specialist Robert Amodeo states, "The new SexTracker is more visually stimulating than ever, providing easier, more intuitive navigation for surfers. The engaging new design lets surfers use SexTracker to find the sites that interest them faster than ever. Webmasters in the SexTracker network benefit from that improved traffic flow, and surfers benefit from the ability to quickly locate the high quality sites they want." Adds David Eisenberg, Creative Director for SexTracker, "This new version will improve the surfing experience by highlighting our most popular features, as well as providing webmasters increased exposure to their sites."

Based in Seattle, Washington, SexTracker provides free, accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tools as well as advertising, e-commerce, web hosting, consulting and webmaster resources for adult webmasters. SexTracker maintains one of the world's largest private networks with over 2.378 Gb/s of dedicated bandwidth in Seattle's Westin Building. SexTracker is consistently ranked in the top ten on Neilson//NetRatings's top ten list of Internet advertisers. Impeccable programming, cutting edge technology, innovative design and superb customer service are cornerstones of SexTracker products and services. SexTracker is online at


SexTracker is located in downtown Seattle at 417 Virginia Avenue, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98101. Our phone number is 206-374-0374 and our fax is 206-374-0353.

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