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Outster™ Officially Kicks Down The Closet Door

Seattle, WA, December 6, 2000 - Today, SexTracker™ announces the launch of, a free and exclusive adult online gay-traffic and statistics counter, offering gay-adult content webmasters the ultimate in simplicity and quality to run their websites more efficiently. OutSter is being marketed as the one-stop gay traffic solution for webmasters and surfers, as all advertising, promotions, traffic trades, invested statistical technology and partnerships surrounding the workings of OutSter will be specifically catered to the adult online gay community.

OutSter Webmaster Robert Amodeo states, "We have designed the OutSter counter to completely fit the needs of gay webmasters by letting gay surfers know that they are very serious about their content, with simple recognition of the OutSter brand. Because the Internet is a primary source for erotic gay fulfillment, we want gay surfers to have every option available to them that all other adult surfers presently have. Simply put, OutSter provides the adult gay website community with quality gay links and targeted categories to every imaginable taste." SexTracker Marketing Director Bill Johnson adds, "There is an incredible market driven need for OutSter, and this service will aid in maximizing traffic to gay sites. OutSter has all gay interests in mind, both from a content perspective as well as a technological perspective, utilizing the same completely reliable technology and network resources, that has made the SexTracker counter so successful, with near 100% up time. OutSter is here for the long run."

SexTracker has recognized the long-awaited need for a strictly gay-focused product in In light of the recent criticism in the lack of online resources and substandard technology being utilized aimed specifically for the gay adult online community, SexTracker has stepped up to the plate with its unprecedented technology. SexTracker CEO and founder Andrew Edmond states, "OutSter is our company's effort to tap the needs of a huge emerging market, the gay community on the Internet. Very few webmaster resources are dedicated strictly to gay webmasters and surfers, and we are proud to not only provide an excellent service to this community, but to also help foster more success and accomplishment for all individuals and companies serving the gay market. The same counter experience that you've come to expect from our industry-leading statistical programs is now going to equip the gay community with the proper tools for greater success in leaps and bounds."

Based in Seattle, Washington, SexTracker provides free, accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tools as well as advertising, e-commerce, web hosting, consulting and webmaster resources for adult webmasters. SexTracker maintains one of the world's largest private networks with over 2.378 Gb/s of dedicated bandwidth in Seattle's Westin Building. Impeccable programming, cutting edge technology, innovative design and superb customer service are cornerstones of SexTracker products and services. SexTracker is online at


OutSter - "Being Gay Just Got Better." Please visit the site at If you have any additional questions or comments about OutSter, please e-mail us at


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