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New Services Unveiled At YNOT Network, Inc.

San Diego, CA, December 18, 2000 - YNOT Network, Inc., operator of the original online resource center and directory for adult webmasters at, announces the launch of two new services available to all adult webmasters, adult online industry personnel and advertisers. In addition to their weekly YNOT News service at, providing comprehensive articles written by webmasters for webmasters and reporting all of the latest industry developments to keep the adult webmaster in the know, the YNOT Newsletter and a special YNOT classifieds advertising section have now been added, and are available immediately.

The YNOT Newsletter is a free service providing the latest weekly updates on adult industry headline news bytes and articles for all who choose to subscribe. The new YNOT classifieds advertising section will aim to accommodate all adult webmasters, including those with modest advertising budgets. It will also allow webmasters to offer for sale a wide variety of products including domain names, websites, traffic, adult content, and even an employment section for both employers and employees.

Greg Geelan, President of YNOT Network, Inc., states, "YNOT is continuing to look for ways to benefit the interests of all involved in the adult community. With our webmaster directory recently topping 5,000 members and our total unique visits growing on a daily basis, we feel that these newest additions to the YNOT Network greatly emphasize our strong commitment to providing all of our patrons with the top level of service that they've come to expect."


San Diego based YNOT Network, Inc. owns and operates YNOT Masters, the first and most comprehensive resource website for adult webmasters on the Internet, offering a wide array of services including daily news that affects the adult Internet industry as a whole, informative articles written by fellow webmasters for webmasters, lively chat rooms which foster community, and traffic exchanges to enhance the profitability of individual adult web sites. YNOT Masters is a full-service website providing the adult webmaster all the resources needed to build, maintain, promote, market and grow a successful adult Internet business. YNOT Network, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seattle based Flying Crocodile, Inc., managing company of SexTracker, at

For more information please e-mail or visit the sites at and


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