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Flying Crocodile, Inc. Named One of the Top 25 ISPs in the World

July 18, 1999 Seattle, Washington - Flying Crocodile, Inc., the parent company of SexTracker, was announced by Data Communications this month as one of the top 25 ISP's in the world. Flying Crocodile hosts and ranks many of the adult web's top sites, such as, PicPost and Flying Crocodile also hosts the SexTracker itself, an expansive site listing over 20,000 adult websites and an additional 6,000 free sites, making SexTracker the largest adult portal on the internet.

"With connections to 6 providers and running 550 megabits/second it comes as no surprise to me that we rank in the top 25 ISP's," says Joe Hamelin, SexTracker Senior Network Engineer. SexTracker offers several web hosting plans and the option of custom hosting. Additionally, the company has a stellar reputation within the adult internet community for the statistical and tracking tools and services they provide to surfers and adult webmasters. Andrew Edmond, SexTracker President, adds, "we've had a phenomenal uptime of 99.9995%. With the amount of bandwidth we maintain, it's extraordinary - it shows how fast we've grown while providing an extremely high standard of service. Hosting is an excellent compliment to the resources we provide to the adult webmaster community."

In addition to adult and mainstream hosting, SexTracker has won acclaim for the unique and highly accurate statistics tools that they offer free of charge to adult webmasters. SexTracker's counters provide a third-party verified method of counting the number and kinds of hits to adult sites, in addition to assisting webmasters in fine-tuning their sites according to the kind of traffic the sites receive. For additional information on the hosting services provided by SexTracker, please see:; for our webmaster tools, see


SexTracker, located in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in the online adult industry. The company's flagship product, SexTracker Statistics™, is an extrememly accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tool that is provided free of charge to adult webmasters. Additionally, SexTracker provides a suite of complimentary products and services for both webmasters and web surfers including: SexTracker MoneyTree™, SexTracker Hosting™, SexSpaces™, XXX Counter™, SexTracker Design Center™, SexTracker Banner Exchange™, Chameleon Browser™, SexTracker Executive™, and many more.

SexTracker is located in downtown Seattle at 417 Virginia Avenue, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98101. Our phone number is 206-374-0374 and our fax is 206-374-0353.

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