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SexTracker's MoneyTree 2.0 is already Yielding Profitable Returns to Adult Webmasters

September 14, 1999, Seattle, Washington - The latest version of MoneyTree from SexTracker is already receiving rave reviews only a few weeks into its recent release. MoneyTree 2.0 includes new features and updates from the original MoneyTree and is expected to maintain its current position as one of the top-performing click-thru programs on the adult web.

MoneyTree 2.0 has been updated and modified from the original for streamlined sign-ups and higher payouts and is performing well above expectations. "This latest version of MoneyTree has been optimized to convert better than not only the previous version, but better than most click-thru programs currently available on the adult web. We've spent a lot of time carefully choosing the highest-converting advertisers and adding features that will heighten conversion ratios," affirms Shawn Boday, SexTracker's Business Development Manager.

MoneyTree 2.0 allows banners to be served and counted off of blind links and multiple pages of the same website and serves banners in rotation, utilizing SexTracker's own bandwidth. The banner wizard, also new to MoneyTree 2.0, offers the choice of several standard as well as non-standard banners to choose from, giving adult webmasters the ability to fine-tune their advertising strategy for optimal conversion. These features save webmasters money while providing them with continually fresh advertising to web surfers. Participant webmasters receive full credit for back window referrals, an unusual feature for click-thru programs, and one that can contribute to higher payouts.

Having been put to the test, MoneyTree 2.0 is showing significantly higher returns for participant webmasters. "This program is so good I use it on my main page," raves Greenguy, a MoneyTree 2.0 webmaster. "It has great conversion ratios, many category-specific programs and they serve the banners off of SexTracker bandwidth. Overall, I've been very pleased with this program's performance." Adult webmasters no longer have to be a SexTracker member to participate in the program, although the use of a third party counter is recommended in conjunction with MoneyTree 2.0.

MoneyTree 2.0 is available at: Webmasters may want to see the full scope of services that are available from SexTracker, most free of charge, at:


SexTracker, located in Seattle, Washington, is a leader in the online adult industry. The company's flagship product, SexTracker Statistics™, is an extrememly accurate and detailed web traffic analysis tool that is provided free of charge to adult webmasters. Additionally, SexTracker provides a suite of complimentary products and services for both webmasters and web surfers including: SexTracker MoneyTree™, SexTracker Hosting™, SexSpaces™, XXX Counter™, SexTracker Design Center™, SexTracker Banner Exchange™, Chameleon Browser™, SexTracker Executive™, and many more.

SexTracker is located in downtown Seattle at 417 Virginia Avenue, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98101. Our phone number is 206-374-0374 and our fax is 206-374-0353.

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